Room 3

Practical for an informative conference


60 m²

No. of people

up to 50

Flexible space with modern equipment for productive knowledge exchange

Our room offers the ideal environment for informative meetings that facilitate a productive exchange of knowledge. With a generous 60 square meters of space and a ceiling height of 3 meters, we create a flexible atmosphere for events with between 24 and 50 participants.

The seating options are varied: from block seating for 24 people to parliamentary seating for 32 people and rows of chairs/theater seating for 50 people. U-shaped seating offers space for 26-36 people, while a circle of chairs is suitable for 32 people.

A permanently installed projector is available for effective presentations. The air conditioning ensures a pleasant room climate at all times, and daylight floods the room, but can be regulated by darkening if necessary to ensure optimum use of the projector.

Our room therefore offers the perfect combination of flexibility, modern equipment and a pleasant atmosphere to make informative meetings a success.

Permanently installed projector

Air conditioning

Daylight and room can be darkened

Room size of 60 square meters

Ceiling height of 3 meters

Space for 24 people in block form

Space for 32 people with parliamentary seating

With rows of chairs / theater seating space for 36 people

Space for 26-36 people with U-shaped seating

Room for 32 people in a circle of chairs

Our service for your conference

A permanently installed projector can be elegantly concealed in the ceiling
Our rooms are equipped with various materials for every need
Our group lounge is ideal for breaks to clear your head
For the coffee break there are various snacks to recharge your batteries
After the training, you can choose between different courses at the end of the day