Varied museums in the Lüneburg Heath

Recommendations for museums in the Lüneburg Heath

Kunststätte Bossard Skulpturenreihe, Ausflug vom Hotel Sellhorn in Handstedt

Interesting Museums

Lessons that can be fun? The Museums of the Luneburg Heath invite to explore a wide range of contrasting subjects: From the peasants’ humble life of the past to the post-war film industry to the secluded life behind monastery walls.

Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg

History comes alive in the “Kiekeberg” Open Air Museum: The vast grounds exhibit more than 30 historic buildings which give a lively testimony of the former, sometimes very arduous daily life. Old farm houses, barns and sheds, lovingly restored and furnished, bring back to life the times from 17th to the early 20th Century. Old breeds of livestock populate the area – from Pomeranian Geese to “Bentheim hogs”. Also presented: Historic gardens, demonstrations of old-fashioned crafts, a water-adventure-trail, an agricultural “discovery” garden, farmers’ shops and varying special interest exhibitions.

Museum village Wilsede

Time seems to have come to a stand-still some centuries ago. Wilsede, the still-inhabited center of the Luneburg Heath can only be reached with a horse-drawn carriage, by bicycle – or simply by walking. The village, devoid of all cars, transfers visitors into times long gone by. Admire thatched roofs, experience the daily life and daily chores of a simple peasant family – find out the details in “Dat ole Huus” (the old house). By the way: Near-by “Wilseder Berg” (Wilsede Mountain) is the highest “mountain”, 169.2 meters, in the North German Plain.

Lüne Monastery with textile museum

Only a short walk from Luneburg city center: Lune Convent (Kloster Lüne), founded in 1172 by Benedictine Nuns. The convent, set amongst old trees and greens invites you to enjoy a short time-out. The adjacent Museum for Textiles exhibits the masterpieces, manufactured over the centuries by skillful Benedictine Nuns and Protestant Canonesses.

Bendestorf Film Museum

The Film Museum Bendestorf recalls the high times of the “Luneburg-Heath-Hollywood” of the early German postwar years. Many unforgotten actors of the time were starring in Bendestorf Studio productions –

  • Hildegard Knef
  • Marika Rökk
  • Anthony Perkins

The Bendestorf Studios were the biggest studios of the time in the Western zone of occupation. The Museum shows the moviemaking technology of the Fifties, film posters and scenes, scripts and actors’ autograph cards. Special screenings of all movies produced in Bendestorf (more than 50) available upon request.

Bossard Art Center

The artists Johann and Jutta Bossard made their dream come true – “Art and Living” – a synthesis of arts manifested in daily life – and created a universal work of art. Architecture, sculpting, painting, decorative arts and gardening, they all meet at “Kunststätte Bossard”, situated in between the small towns Jesteburg and Lüllau. All buildings, the living area, studios and the Temple of Art are artistically refined to the smallest details, just like the park-like garden. The new studio hosts both, a permanent exhibition and successive top-class special topic exhibitions. Additionally offered: Concerts, readings, creative courses and many more.

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